Sunday, April 30, 2017 08:55

Jitpur: Our village, our community, our land …


Jitpur is located in eastern part of Nepal. It is a small hilly village with pristine landscapes of sloped tea gardens, thick natural forests, and unique culture. It is in IlamDistrict which has a rich history of tea production in Nepal. Till the last decade or so it was chiefly a farming community with most households practicing subsistence farming. These days, many of the local farmers also grow tea atsmall scale along with rice and vegetables. Although most of the people in the village are Limbus, it is still ethnically diverse. Muchof our village, both culturally and materially, is still untouched by the modern world and itis easy to get a sense of innocence whenever you arrive here.

Our village is connected by dirt road from Ilam. To enjoy the beauty and fresh air, you would need to start yourhike from Ilam, and it normally takes around 4-5 hours of solid walking to reach Jitpur.Alternatively, you can hop into one of the two Land Rovers that depart Ilam every morning and experience thrill of off-road travelling.