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About Us

Mist Valley Tea is situated in Jitpur, a small rural village in the eastern part of Nepal. Often enveloped by mist and fog, Jitpur has rightfully earned the nickname “Mist Valley” in the region. The company and the tea garden proudly associates itself with Jitpur’s heritage with it’s name.

Mist Valley Tea was founded by the late Asal Bahadur Limbu, an ex-Gurkha major who fought for the british army during worl war II, and his son Suresh Limbu, who is now the principal owner of the company.

What makes Mist Valley Tea different from other tea producers in Nepal is it’s own tea gardens that are manicured with utmost care. In addition to it’s own tea garden, Mist Valley Tea also boasts it’s own factory for processing and packaging of some of Nepal’s finest tea. It currently produces around 100,000 kgs of premium tea in a year.

In addition to producing tea form it’s own tea garden, Mist Valley also works with other tea farmers around the region.

Some Quick Facts:

Name of the project : Mist valley Tea Processing Industry (P) Ltd.

Registered office : Deumai-9 (Jitpur), Illam, Nepal

Capacity : 100mt Per annum (+25mt).

Category of the project : Medium scale.

Main features of the products : We currently produce different grades of high flavored organic ‘orthodox’ black tea.

Raw materials : We collect raw materials from Jitpur, Sangrumba, Siddithumka and Mangalbare (all come under Ilam, within a radius of 8 km from factory). Altitude of tea plantation area ranges between 1400 meters to 1717 meters, above sea-level.

Tea cultivation : Since 1989

Tea processing : Since 2004